Luck, Calling or Destiny?

I was sitting at my desk at Prisoner Legal Services when I received the phone call.   The woman on the other end was a lawyer friend.  After some small talk, she got to her reason for calling:  “Cindy, I was talking with the Director of the North Carolina Resource Center the other day and recommended you for a staff position there.”

I was familiar with this state agency.  I had worked a few hours at the Resource Center in law school, doing some research for the Director.  It was a very small office, but according to Susan, they were expanding.  They also had a new Director, Henderson Hill, who had come to North Carolina via the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C.

I was flattered, very flattered, that Susan would think of me.  She was a well-respected federal public defender.  I had met her when I was clerking for Federal Magistrate Judge Alexander Denson.  I had wanted to work for her office, but they were not hiring at the time.

“I’m not really looking for a job,” I replied.  I had been at PLS for less than nine months.  I represented inmates, not on death row, with their post-conviction appeals and with claims against the prison system, a good job for someone like myself, just out of law school.  Susan made the potential of the new expanded Resource Center sound exciting.  “I will definitely consider applying,” I said at the end of our conversation.

I cannot remember how I found out more about the open position at the Resource Center.  How did we do such things before the internet?   In any case, the more I learned about the position and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.   I applied and the rest, as they say, is history.  Or maybe it should be herstory?  I actively represented inmates on North Carolina’s death row for thirteen years and have continued to be active in death work.   All this herstory from one phone call, one connection.   I am very, very fortunate.

2 thoughts on “Luck, Calling or Destiny?

  1. From this point I know “the rest of the story”…we first met you at the Resource Center..Still looking forward to reading about the years since that meeting..Thanks Cindyt!!


  2. Cindy you did a great Job helping Represent my Uncle Ernest! This December will be 10 years since that fatal night…..Looking forward to reading your blogs I have enjoyed your past blogs so far. God Bless you in days to come and ty for how you helped Ernest and became a friend to me and our immideiate family!


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