A New Direction for the New Year

I cannot believe that I have not written here since July!  You know how it is.  You get busy.  For me, it was a new school year in a new location.  But being busy is never the whole story, right? 

I think I stopped, in part, because I did not want to go where the story was taking me next.   Not that the next chapter would have involved anything as traumatic as an execution, but it did involve the beginning of a relationship full of conflicting emotions and stress.  (I was just about to knock on the door of the wife of my first client to be executed, Zane Hill, see https://cadcocknc.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/beaverdam-loop-road/.)  It also involved dealing with the difficult subject of domestic violence. 

So, with the New Year, I have decided to head off into another direction.  I am reminded of the name of this blog:  struggling to breathe.  Sometimes life’s events can make it hard to breathe:  often metaphorically but sometimes in actuality.   And when it happens, you may – like me –have to hold your breath until the constricting pressure from the thought, the tide or the air lets up.   I am thankful for clean air and the ability to breathe deeply.  Happy New Year!

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